5 Easy Steps to Raise $750



5 Easy Steps to Raise $750

It may seem like a lot, but reaching a fundraising goal of $750 is within your reach. Follow these five easy steps, and you’ll be on your way to raising $750. With your help, we know that local philanthropy can have a global impact on cancer patients. THANK YOU!

Step 1: Donate $50 to yourself. Your donors want to see that you have skin in the game too. A small donation to yourself demonstrates that you believe in the cause and the organization you are fundraising for, and your $25 registration fee goes towards this, so you’re half way there.

Step 2: Ask 20 people in your social network for $20. Set a goal of getting 20 friends to donate $20 to you in a week. By being specific (how many friends giving how much money), your network will know how to support you and be motivated to do it before your deadline.

Step 3: Unfortunately, we all know someone who was affected by cancer. Make a personal connection with someone you know who has been deeply touched by the disease. Let them know what you’re doing with AACR and what your support would mean for the future of cancer. Ask four people affected by cancer for $50.

Step 4: Ask five coworkers to give up their coffee for a day. Give your coworkers a chance to trade in their cup of joe for a $5 donation. This small gesture can give a quick boost to your fundraising and your work friends’ generosity meter. 

Step 5: Ask three family members for $25. Family members are always looking to give you gifts you actually want. Why not take advantage of this by pointing them to your fundraising page? Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, or an anniversary, they can give you a gift that makes a BIG difference.

Get Involved

How can you Start the Revolution in Cancer Research?  By either registering to participate in the event today or making a donation to a team or a rider. All donations will directly support lifesaving cancer research through the AACR. If you also have a survivor story to share, we would love to hear from you!  Your message can help thousands of other cancer patients, caregivers, and members of the cancer community.