robby Robby Pullen has always been active in exercise and health promotion. He was a member of cross country and swim teams while growing up in Connecticut and continues his participation in the fitness arena today. He is a certified indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer. Robby’s classes can be described as an out of body of experience. You’ll break through those mental boundaries and walls and push yourself to whole new level.

Fun Fact: Robby is a pediatrician who truly practices what he preaches by encouraging health through exercise.

Quote to Live by: "Get yo' mind right!"



Nick Samarco has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. In any facet of fitness, his goal is not just to excel, but to be the best. Nick prides himself on being well-rounded, having exceptional balance, speed, strength, power, and endurance. He considers his specialty to be power and physique. When Nick trains, his goal is to have the coveted “show muscles,” with the raw power and strength to back them up. As a trainer, his goal is to redefine people's perspective on fitness and give them the motivation to get their lives back. At Urge Fitness in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, Nick trains members to achieve any goal they have, whether it's pullups in his push/pull class, obstacle runs, in-mud run preparation, or cardio endurance in Cyclepath class.

Fun Fact: Nick refuses to write anyone off, no matter their age, gender, or level of fitness. Nick makes it a personal goal to get you to achieve yours.

Quote to Live by: Train intentionally, not habitually.




carl Born and raised in Philadelphia, Carl Plant is the oldest of five siblings. Carl has two children. After suffering a minor heart attack at the age of 26, he decided that he needed to change his lifestyle of eating fast food every day and spending his weekends on the sofa. Carl began his journey to a healthier life at the age of 28 when he lost almost 140 pounds in about a year. He was determined to lose the weight without any surgical procedures or miracle diet pills. He focused on exercising seven days a week and ate a strict diet. Carl began exploring other means of exercise including weight training and indoor cycling. His passion for exercise began to be part of his everyday routine, so he decided to make it a career and opened Extreme Gym in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. With his intense energy and the motivation to motivate others, Carl has become a small town celebrity. Carl began exploring other types of exercise that he enjoyed, which included running. Since 2009, Carl has run four marathons (San Diego [twice], Atlantic City, and Philadelphia) as well as numerous other races where he has raised thousands of dollars for charity. In addition, he has participated in more intense obstacle races such as the Tough Mudder, Savage Race, and Iron Man. Carl holds numerous certifications including AAAI certifications in spinning, Insanity, kickboxing, MECA Core, Pilates, and group fitness instruction. He is also certified in TRX, yoga, personal training, and Barre. Carl is sought out for his passion to push individuals to their maximum limit so they feel rewarded for what they have accomplished. He continues his journey each day by showing his fitness students that they have the ability, ambitions, self-esteem, and potential to reach their goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Carl loves water sports and animals.

Quote to Live by: "Life is what you make of it!"

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